Plant for the Planet - Movie

As part of a Cairo Climate Talks panel discussion on "Youth against Climate Change" the "Plant for the Planet" children-initiative was presented. It consists of children all over the world, who work in a variety of projects towards improving the environment.

They plant trees, hold conferences and academies on climate change and discuss the status of their projects with each other. All this is done mostly without the interference of grown-ups, but with the same professionalism adults would run an organization against climate change.

During the event, the founder of the initiative, the young Felix from Germany, addressed the audience with a video message specially recorded for the event.

The german documentary film "Weil ich länger lebe als Du" ("Because I will live longer than You"), directed by Henriette Bornkamm and Carl Fechner, describing "Plant for the Planet" was shown at the event and greatly appreciated by the participants, which encouraged us to include it into our Green Schools initiative.

This inspiring film presents children all over the globe who take global matters into their own hands. Since they do not trust the adults ability to put sustainable action into practice, the children took the bulk of the responsibility and try to realize their idea(l)s in order to grant other children the possibility of a liveable world. Watch the trailer on YouTube.

CCT plans to show the movie in schools and youth institutions in Egypt in order to raise awareness and mobilize students for the “Plant for the Planet” initiative, which currently does not have representatives in Egypt.

Cairo Climate Talks therefore acquired the license to show the film in German and Arabic in Egyptian schools from the producing company. CCT is financing the translation of the film into Arabic, which will be ready in Spring 2013, to be shown in Egyptian schools and youth institutions.
The German version of the movie has become available in January 2013 and will be shown in interested schools very soon.

If you are interested in showing the movie in your school, kindly contact us at