Recycling in Schools

To actively engage in one of Cairo's environmental issues and most importantly to raise awareness, Cairo Climate Talks introduced recycling in some schools in Cairo.

The aim is to show students the value that comes out of separating their waste and encourage them to think about the problems their environment is facing. We are working together with two NGOs who have been active in the field for some time already.

El Misbah El Mudii
was founded in 2005 and since then acquires waste containers, delivers them to various locations and re-collects the separated waste frequently. Their service is used by companies, schools and private households alike. The separated waste is either reused by the NGO or sold to recycling companies. The revenue is used to support around 500 poor families in Cairo and to operate an orphanage. The NGO is also building a recycling-center, where children and adults alike will not only be shown what can be made out of waste, but can also do hands-on recycling themselves. El Misbah El Mudii currently has around 80 employees, their service is free with the exception of the cost for the waste containers. As far as schools are concerned, their project includes more than 20 institutes in Cairo already.

Green World
is operated by two German nationals. They produce teaching materials to explain recycling in an appealing and playful way to teachers and students alike. The materials include booklets for teachers, students and a board game. They are designed for primary schools and currently available in English and Arabic.

Cairo Climate Talks connects the Schools with El Misbah El Mudii and Green World, helps to identify the specific needs of each school to get started with the recycling project and donates the necessary waste containers, as well as Green World teaching materials to the participating schools.

In these schools separated paper and plastic waste will be collected on a regular basis from now on.

CCT would like to express a special thank you to Catherine El Taweel from El Misbah El Mudii for her incredible commitment and dedicated help in making this project a reality. Thank you also to Alexandra von Winning from Green World for her precious support and cooperation.

Finally we thank all the teachers and students from the ESK, the BHS, the PDSK and Kompass for their enthusiasm and action. It is only them who can make the difference, show they care and be an example for all of us by separating their waste. Thank you for your support!

If you are interested in becoming part of this initiative and start recycling in your school, kindly contact us at