In September 2012, Cairo Climate Talks held a panel discussion on the topic Education for the Future – Youth against Climate Change. In the course of the event, the idea arouse to facilitate a network of schools in Cairo and Egypt that could raise awareness for environmental issues among their students.

Although various initiatives exist, it became clear that further action is needed to broaden their impact on young people. Therefore, Cairo Climate Talks decided to use its resources and networks to bring “green” projects to interested schools.

Until now three projects have been initiated, with two of them already running and one still in the planning phase.
To learn more about the initiative, please choose from the following projects:

To actively engage in one of Cairo's environmental issues and most importantly to raise awareness, Cairo Climate Talks introduced recycling in some schools in Cairo.

As part of a Cairo Climate Talks panel discussion on "Youth against Climate Change" the "Plant for the Planet" children-initiative was presented. It consists of children all over the world, who work in a variety of projects towards improving the environment.

The Green Box from Siemens is an educational kit to increase kids knowledge about energy and the importance of utilizing other energy sources to protect the environment. It contains the equipment for 10 different experiments on renewable energy, energy efficiency and recycling.