COP28: The Road to a Better Future


March 27th

At حدث أونلاين

The 91st Cairo Climate Talks brought together climate advocates, youth, and experts to review the achievements of Conference of the Parties (COP28) which took place in November 2023 and outline future pathways for shaping a sustainable and fair future. The workshop commenced with welcoming remarks from Ms. Lorena Mohr, head of science and protocol at the German embassy in Cairo, and CCT’s lead, who highlighted a study published in The Lancet. The study revealed that 59% of young people in 10 countries are extremely worried about climate change, while 84% are moderately worried. Despite the perceived distance of climate negotiations from many young people, educating them about the COP process and its impacts can enhance their understanding of global efforts and empower them to take action.

Moderated by Eng. Amr Seleem, the workshop began with Mr. Mohamed Kamal providing an overview of the COP process of climate change and the outcome of COP28. Following an in-depth understanding of how the COP works, Ms. Wafa Hmdi intervened to emphasize the importance for youth to understand and participate in global climate policy. She shared her experience in training youth delegations from Tunisia to attend the COP, highlighting the importance of raising awareness and educating youth, especially high school students. The workshop ended with an intervention by Mr. Abdelrahman Famhy on how to engage youth in climate action, including the COP process and the next COP29. Abdelrahman, a youth working in climate advocacy and the co-founder of a youth-led social enterprise, emphasized the opportunities in Egypt that can help youth be more active in climate action. The workshop witnessed a lot of exciting questions and discussions, providing insights from students about their concerns and aspirations for the future and engaging in a transparent discussion about what the future of youth looks like in the upcoming years.

Meet our Speakers

Wafa Hmadi

Tunisian Young Climate Change Negotiators group coordinator

Abdelrahman Fahmy

Co-Founder of YouthinkGreenEg

Mohamed Kamal

Managing Director of Greenish

Meet our Moderator

Ms. Lorena Mohr

Head of Science and Protocol at the German Embassy in Cairo

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