Renewables are the power of a safer future


Event: Renewables are the power of a safer future: CCT visits the University of Aswan

As global temperatures continue to rise, renewables are no longer a luxury but a necessary part of our effort to fight climate change. Renewable energy offers a clean and sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources and is vital for reducing carbon emissions and achieving our global decarbonization goals. At Aswan University, Cairo Climate Talks brings together researchers, energy experts, and nature conservation practitioners to discuss the role of renewables in decarbonization and emissions reductions, have a closer look at the collaboration between Germany and Egypt in Aswan and examine how renewable energies can become part of local solutions in the field of bio-conservation. 


Prof. Dr Mohamed Oraby

Vice President of Postgraduate Studies & Research at Aswan University

Mr Ekramy El-abassery

 The director of Southern Protected Areas at EEAA

Moderated by:

Lorena Mohr

Head of Science Department and Protocol, German Embassy Cairo

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