Fragile Ecosystems & How to Protect Them: New Forests & How to Grow Them


Jun 1st

At Online Event

At the One Planet Summit, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called biodiversity “our life insurance”. Forests, green areas, marine ecosystems, and other ecosystems act as the world’s lungs. Protecting and preserving a healthy ecosystem is a key pillar for a healthy society and a healthy economy.

Afforestation projects all over Egypt seek to undo environmental degradation such as desertification, offer agricultural biodiversity and increase the air quality. Additionally, the Ministry of Environment has also launched the “Eco Egypt” campaign aiming to promote Egypt’s natural protectorate and encourage ecotourism.

Join our experts on the 1st of June to learn more about the existing afforestation efforts, efforts to combat biodiversity loss, and the way forward.

Meet our Panelists

Dr. Ayman Hamada

Head of Central Department of Biodiversity, Ministry of Environment

Barbara Ral

Climate Protection Manager, Free Certified Biologist

Prof. Hany El Kateb

Presidential Advisor & Senior Scientist, Technische Universität München (TUM)

Meet our Moderators

Farah Kamel

Project Manager at Dayma

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