Chasing Coral Film Screening in Alexandria


Climate change is the leading cause of coral bleaching, and coral bleaching impacts peoples’ livelihoods, food security, and safety. Reefs act as natural barriers that absorb the force of waves and storms to keep coastal cities safe. Without them, we must rely on man-made walls and barriers that are expensive and less effective. But maybe more importantly – coral reefs regulate temperatures, store CO2, and are one of the world’s most vital and fragile ecosystems. And more pragmatically – Red Sea tourism brings in millions of Egyptian pounds each year and supports thousands of jobs in Egypt.


Bleached coral reefs risk it all. But what is the current state of coral reefs, and what is being done to protect them?


The documentary “Chasing Coral” highlights the current tragic state of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and foreshadows what other reefs could experience in the future. A public film screening at the Goethe-Institut in Alexandria was followed by Egyptian experts adding the story and future of Egyptian coral reefs.


Following the film, three panelists specializing in marine life discussed their perspectives on what the future holds for the precious coral ecosystems and reflect on our national reefs treasure in the Red Sea. The invited panelists include: 

Dr. Elham Ali
Lead Author of the 2022 IPCC & Professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences
Suez University

Ahmed “Salaka” Marouf
Founder and Professional Diver 
Bdiver Community

Arch. Nancy Moussa
Sustainable Architecture Expert
(International coordinator at Climate Fresk, Sales Manager at Earthly, and Volunteer at Shagarha)

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