Septemper 20 - 22, 2022

„Together for a just and ambitions implementation NOW” – this was the slogan for the first Model COP at the German school DEO (Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule).


The students, together with their teacher Urte Meins had prepared all year to understand how international UN negotiations frameworks work, on legality and language, and the most pressing issues related to a sustainable development, climate protection and mitigation and adaptation measures in the countries they would represent.


In the final discussion they came together in thematic committees with the representatives of other countries to fight for their ambitious climate goals and ideals, and to figure our compromises that would benefit and not harm all participating countries with their different needs.


Embassy representatives of countries known to be important global players in the climate negotiations: Germany, Egypt, India, USA, and Ghana, joined the Model COP to advise and align the statements of the students, which were presented at the final gala dinner and closing ceremony of the negotiations. 


The teachers of DEO had prepared an entire training program for the students, from conference briefing to a glossary including web links, language advise, dress code and content, organizational and diplomatic advice.


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