Diversifying Energy Mixes: The Potential of Green Hydrogen


Jul 6th

At Online Event

Germany’s famous “Energiewende”, its energy transition away from fossil fuels and towards non-nuclear and sustainable power sources, has set global standards and best practice approaches for many countries. However, to bridge the last miles and reach full coverage with renewables, Germany heavily relies on innovative new technologies and more efficient resource usage.

Green hydrogen’s potential to reach global CO2 goals and diversify national energy mixes, becomes evident in the investment of over 700 million euros by the German government, as well as the UN’s increased interest in investing in green hydrogen through the body’s Green Climate Fund.

Egypt has the perfect conditions for green hydrogen projects and is equally a promising research location, due to its huge and largely untapped solar and wind energy potential. The Egyptian government is currently working on a study to implement hydrogen as an energy source in the near future, as well as include it into the Energy Strategy 2035.

Meet our Panelists

Martin Neussel

Head of Joint Committee for Energy Effieciency (JCEE), German Development Cooperation (GIZ)

Andreas Beckers

Country CEO & Executive Board Member, Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Egypt

Dr. Nahla Ismail

Head of Renewable Energy Group, Centre of Excellence, National Research Centre

Dr. Kathrin Goldammer

Managing DIrector, Reiner Lemoine Institute

Meet our Moderators

Omar S. Ibrahim

PHD Research Fellow, University College Cork

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