Egypt's Lifeline: Managing Water Consumption and Nile Conservation


Nov 25th

At German Science Center, 11 Al Salah Ayoub St., Zamalek

A vital lifeline running the length of the country, the Nile River supports millions of human, animal and plant lives in Egypt alone. Many factors affect its flow and usage, from various climate change scenarios to water management, from sedimentation to irrigation. Increasing pressure from pollution and population growth also play a significant role. The health of Egypt’s burgeoning population and its agriculture are inextricably linked to the ecology and health of the river.

Egypt has reached a state of water poverty, with water consumption climbing more than 23% in a decade, the vast majority of which is used for agriculture. Though the use of recycled agricultural run-off water is also increasing, water strategies such as recycling grey water and desalination are not yet implemented widely enough to keep pace with depleting resources.

So how do we conserve and intelligently manage this crucial resource? The 35th Cairo Climate Talks will bring together experts to discuss these issues and others that impact human use of the Nile and water resource management from both a supply and demand perspective.

Meet our Panelists

Lama el-Hatow

Co-founder of the Water Institute for the Nile

Ibrahim Eshra

Vice President of Engineering Consultants Group

Dr. Lars Ribbe

Professor for Integrated Land and Water Resources Management, TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Mostafa Abou-Zeid

Head of the Electro-Mechanical Department, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation

Meet our Moderators

Mr. Ahmed Sedky

expert on sustainable and renewable energy systems and solutions

Venue / location

At German Science Center, 11 Al Salah Ayoub St., Zamalek

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