Empowering Tomorrow’s Environmental Leaders: Insights from the Cairo Climate Talks


May 19th

At The German University in Cairo

On May 5th, 2024, the Cairo Climate Talks (CCT) team had the honor of being invited as guest speakers to an environmental law course at a the German university in Cairo. The invitation came from Dr. Nora Salem, Head of the Public International Law Department at the Faculty of Law and Legal Studies, demonstrating the university’s recognition of the importance of practical insights into environmental law.

Our team was thrilled to share insights and experiences with the students, underlining our commitment to equipping them with knowledge that can shape future generations. The lecture delved into both international and national dimensions of the environmental field, with a strong emphasis on practical applications to bridge theory and real-world impact.

Ms. Lorena Mohr, the lead of CCT, provided a comprehensive overview of the political processes surrounding the climate change crisis, detailing how climate change has become integrated into Germany’s national security plan. Drawing from her firsthand experiences at both COP27 in Egypt and COP28 in the UAE, she seamlessly integrated key takeaways from these global events, offering students valuable insights into the intricacies of global environmental governance.

Ms. Maha Wissa, a pivotal member of the CCT team and witness to its inception, shared the inspiring journey of the Cairo Climate Talks, tracing its origins back to 2011 and its mission to elevate environmental issues onto the Egyptian agenda with enthusiasm and determination. She shared her experience working with different stakeholders in Egypt, brining to life more than 90 CCT’s to live.

Ms. Mariam Elbaz, a junior coordinator at CCT, seized the opportunity to share her personal journey as a youth working in the environmental sector in Egypt. She emphasized the significance of platforms like CCT in fostering discussions and forging partnerships to address environmental issues effectively.

In essence, the lecture went beyond merely imparting knowledge; it served as a catalyst for inspiring students to actively engage in environmental law. It encouraged them to recognize their potential to make meaningful contributions towards tackling urgent global challenges.


Meet our Speakers

Wafa Hmadi

Tunisian Young Climate Change Negotiators group coordinator

Abdelrahman Fahmy

Co-Founder of YouthinkGreenEg

Mohamed Kamal

Managing Director of Greenish

Meet our Moderator

Ms. Lorena Mohr

Head of Science and Protocol at the German Embassy in Cairo

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