Sustainable Makers and Local Crafts


May 4th

Online Event

Climate change is already a reality and is increasingly changing the lives of countless people in complex ways. Resilience is the new buzz word as it describes local communities’ pressure to adapt to their changed environments.

While international negotiations are striving for the protection of people, progress and climate, small local grassroots initiatives have great potential in creating community-based solutions. One of the spaces where such magic happens is in communal hubs, such as maker spaces and fab labs.

Maker spaces foster innovation, out of the box thinking and self-learning: all of them vital skills not only during a pandemic, but also in order to tackle climate change and find solutions for mitigation, adaptation and recovery of climate change related effects.

Meet our Panelists

Omar Essafty

Co-founder of FabLab Egypt & General Manager of San3a Tech

Aravinth Panch

Co-founder of Dreamspace Academy

Meet our Moderators

Lilly von Stackelberg

CCT Coordinator

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