• Next event October 12

    The first CCT after the summer break will discuss the potentials as well as challenges of e-mobility in Egypt and Germany.

    Next event October 12
  • 10-year anniversary

    On November 3rd 2011 the very first CCT took place - discussing COP17(!) - now 10 years later Egypt is planning to host COP27. Stay tuned for our celebration announcements.

    10-year anniversary
  • Looking for Journalists

    You are a journalist and would like to write about the environment and climate change more?

    Looking for Journalists

    A little about us and what we do.

    Our planet is warming, our weather is changing, it is getting both hotter and colder. Everyone is talking about the environment and climate change – and honestly it is getting a little scary. Then why does it feel like nobody is acting?

    Well, firstly let us tell you: great that you are here! Secondly, there is a lot going on actually: Many brilliant scientists, leaders, entrepreneurs, organizers, negotiators, volunteers, and policy makers are working on protecting our planet every single day. And we are here to let them tell their stories and connect with each other, so they can combine their forces and work on this together. Let us be climate heroes and hear the stories, too!


    Take a look at some of our events!

    Women-Led Solutions

    While the effects of climate change are felt by many; women, girls, and other marginalized groups are disproportionally affected by it

    Event Details

    CCT goes COP27

    We are attending the Blue and Green Zone in this year’s climate negotiations, join us there or online!

    Event Details

    COP101: What to expect and to

    CCT provided a one-day capacity building for Egyptian civil society actors. Activists, social entrepreneurs, and staff of Egyptian NGO’s all active in the green ecosystem were given insights into the logistics of UN climate change negotiations, how to prepare and what to expect

    Event Details

    Mini-Model COP27 for PASCH Schools

    Considering that the global climate change conference COP27 is taking place in Egypt this year, it was of vital importance to CCT to increase awareness to international mechanisms, delegations and how to negotiate and debate to students from various backgrounds

    Event Details

    DEO Model COP

    Together for a just and ambitions implementation NOW” – this was the slogan for the first Model COP at the German school DEO (Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule).

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    Take a look at some of our projects!


    Our Facebook feeds that may interest you


    Our Facebook feeds that may interest you