Recent Events

Biomass in Egypt: Win or Waste?

Efficiently managed biomass offers a huge potential with vast economic and environmental benefits in Egypt. It can be used to produce alternative fuels such as biogas that can be utilized to generate heat, electricity, and high quality organic fertilizer. As promising as this renewable energy resource is, bioenergy contributes to ten percent of the global energy mix but to only one percent of Egypt’s energy mix.
“By 2050, Germany wants to cover 80% of our electricity demand with renewable energies which amounts to a radical transformation of our energy sector”, H.E. Julius Georg Luy...

COP22: Fostering Climate Change Resilience in Egypt

From November 7th to 18th 2016, world leaders assembled in Marrakech for the 22nd annual climate change conference, known as COP’22, to come up with an action plan for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Despite the uncertainty caused by Donald Trump’s pledge for the US to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, many leaders chose to look ahead, and reinforce their commitment to the Agreement.

A few weeks prior to the COP’22 round of negotiations, the Paris Agreement came into force and became international law after 55 countries responsible for 55% of total greenhouse gas...

El Shallal Area - next to Philae Lake - Aswan, Egypt. Taken by Watter Al Bahry - May 2014.

The Nexus between Water, Energy and Food Security in Minya

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Cairo organized the 44th Cairo Climate Talks on Tuesday, November 22nd 2016, at 3pm at the University of Minya under the title “The Nexus between Water, Energy and Food Security in Minya”.

The panel was held within the framework of the German Days in Upper Egypt, a four days event in the cities of Luxor, Qena, Sohag and Minya, initiated by the German Embassy in Cairo and implemented together with numerous German organizations such as DAAD, GIZ, Goethe-Institut, DWZ and DAI. It was the first time for a CCT to be held in Minya and the...