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Wadi el Rayan Protected Area, Photo by Watter AlBahry

Conserving & Developing Egypt's Protected Areas

From whale fossils to exotic birds, medicinal plants to mangroves, desert wadis to Nile islands, Egypt’s protectorates are home to a wealth of land and aquatic treasures. The country’s 30 protected areas cover more than 15 percent of its land mass and also extend into the Red Sea. They are under threat from pollution, urbanization, industry, and agriculture, among other factors. Often what makes these ecosystems special also makes them difficult to protect — many of them are vast and remote by nature, with limited resources and few rangers to patrol them.

Local communities play a...

CCT Tackles Egypt’s Vulnerability to Climate Change in Fayoum University

On April 2nd, CCT Coordinator Louise Sarant gave a presentation at the Faculty of Science, Fayoum University, on Egypt’s vulnerability to climate change.
In front of an audience composed of professors and students from the Fayoum Faculty of Science, she quickly addressed the root causes of climate change before moving on to the particular threats Egypt is facing. “When we burn fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, we release large amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere that prevent our planet from keeping the climate stable,” she said, adding that our atmosphere today contains 42 times more...

Ecopreneurs: Getting Green Start-ups off the Ground

Committed to sustainability, green entrepreneurs start businesses offering products or services that benefit the environment and solve a myriad of local problems. At a crossroads between sustainability, innovation and strategic business development, the growing importance of this business segment has been widely recognized worldwide.

The wider adoption of sustainable business practices has opened up opportunities for green entrepreneurs in market-based economies across the globe, including Egypt. Domestically, the creation of green startups has surged since 2011, and more than 200...