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Religion and Climate Change: the relationship between God and the Environment

In his opening remarks that preceded the 41st Cairo Climate Talks' panel discussion on the relationship between religion and the environment, H.E. Julius Georg Luy, German Ambassador to Egypt, quoted Grand Mufti Sheikh Ali Gomaa who declared that it is a religious duty to safeguard our environment and to advocate the importance of preserving it.

“Pollution and global warming pose an even greater threat than war,” he said, “and the fight to preserve the environment could be the most positive way of bringing humanity together. Environment-related issues ought to be a significant...

Putting Paris into Effect: Climate Change Action in Africa

On December 12th, following two weeks of intense global climate negotiations, representatives of 195 nations reached the historical Paris Agreement. It paves the way for an increasingly sustainable future by reducing global CO2 emissions and limiting temperature rise to ‘well below’ 2 degrees Celsius by 2100 through a legallybinding agreement for all countries. The Paris Agreement delineates the future of greenhouse gas emissions mitigation, adaptation and finance starting in 2020 and has been officially signed by 177 nations thus far. Historically, Africa is the continent which has...

Wadi el Rayan Protected Area, Photo by Watter AlBahry

Conserving & Developing Egypt's Protected Areas

From whale fossils to exotic birds, medicinal plants to mangroves, desert wadis to Nile islands, Egypt’s protectorates are home to a wealth of land and aquatic treasures. The country’s 30 protected areas cover more than 15 percent of its land mass and also extend into the Red Sea. They are under threat from pollution, urbanization, industry, and agriculture, among other factors. Often what makes these ecosystems special also makes them difficult to protect — many of them are vast and remote by nature, with limited resources and few rangers to patrol them.

Local communities play a...