Recent Events

Egypt's Lifeline: Managing Water Consumption and Nile Conservation

A vital lifeline running the length of the country, the Nile River supports millions of human, animal and plant lives in Egypt alone. Many factors affect its flow and usage, from various climate change scenarios to water management, from sedimentation to irrigation. Increasing pressure from pollution and population growth also play a significant role. The health of Egypt’s burgeoning population and its agriculture are inextricably linked to the ecology and health of the river.

Egypt has reached a state of water poverty, with water consumption climbing more than 23% in a decade, the...

Greener Cairo: Sustainability through Urban Agriculture?

Cairo has experienced countless transformations which shaped its social and spatial structure over the course of its history. Modern architecture is located side-by-side with centuries-old buildings, and within the city's relatively small but agglomerated area. Because of Cairo's ever growing population density -which varies from 30,000 persons per square kilometer to 100,000 in the older districts- and its limited green spaces, urban farming is restricted to rooftops and scarce peri-urban agricultural lands.

Urban and rooftop agriculture are beneficial in cooling the temperature of...

Climate Finance Workshop

A few weeks ahead of the global climate conference COP21 in Paris, experts in climate finance and climate negotiations, civil society organizations, representatives of the Egyptian government and academia convened at the Conrad Hotel on October 27th to discuss mechanisms for funding climate-relevant projects in Egypt.

The “Climate Finance workshop”, jointly organized by the European Union Delegation to Egypt, the Cairo Climate Talks and the French Cultural Institute was opened by the ambassadors of the European Union, Germany and France, and by Egypt's Minister of Environment,...